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Chapter 176 Macie Has A Boyfriend

  • We remained in the ward for over an hour until Macie said she had to leave and asked me to send her out.
  • After that, we held hands and left the ward as Macie shared a piece of shocking news—she was dating someone.
  • I was glad that she had found a boyfriend. However, looking at her cheeks tinted red as she hesitated to continue, an ominous feeling crept into my heart.
  • “Macie, don't tell me you're dating Jackson,” I guessed. Before I could finish, Macie immediately nodded happily.
  • “Does Augustus know about this?” I was certain Augustus wouldn't accept Jackson, as he knew the latter had feelings for me. There was no way he'd allow the young man to date his cousin.
  • Macie shook her head and blushed in embarrassment. “We've just started dating, so I'm not planning to inform Augustus for now. He might seem aloof, but his concern can be suffocating.” She took my hand and flashed a grin. “Erica, you're the only one who knows about me and Jackson. You'll give us your blessings, right?”
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