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Chapter 175 Visiting Olivia At The Hospital

  • Wait. Didn't Augustus say he has to return to deal with some trouble at work? It seems that he came back because of Olivia.
  • I immediately posed that question to Augustus.
  • In response, Augustus closed the file in his hands. “Gerald likes to butt in other people's business. If I told him I had to return because of Olivia, I'm undoubtedly causing myself trouble.”
  • I recalled the first time I met Gerald at the bar. Clearly, he loved looking for trouble as he kept talking about Augustus and Olivia's marriage. I nodded in agreement. No wonder Augustus created an excuse to stop Gerald from asking questions relentlessly.
  • “Mr. Adler, do you care for Olivia that much? Why did you cut our vacation short and rushed back upon receiving that phone call?” I didn't even realize the displeasure and disappointment in my voice.
  • Augustus immediately saw the fury in my gaze. He raised his brow and responded coolly, “Olivia is my fiancée. Is the vacation more important than her safety?”
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