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Chapter 174 End Of Trip

  • I was certain he could solve the episode easily and didn't think much about it.
  • Though I was disappointed that our Jetroina trip had ended just like that, I had no choice but to leave with Augustus. My plan was to return to our country without Josephine and Gerald so they could spend some time alone. However, Josephine refused to stay when she saw I was planning to leave.
  • “You used Erica to trick me into coming to Jetroina. Now that she's going back home, why would I waste my time here?” Yet, I knew she was tough on the outside but soft on the inside. I figured she refused to spend a few more days with Gerald alone, as she didn't know how to behave in front of him. After all, they had a complicated relationship. It was obvious how Josephine retreated every time Gerald tried to close the distance between them.
  • On the plane ride back home, Augustus occupied the seat next to me. Gerald and Josephine were seated some distance away, but I could still hear them flirting with each other clearly.
  • I stared at them quietly, overwhelmed by mixed feelings. The sparks between them were clear. They were attracted to each other, but something told me they wouldn't have a happy ending.
  • Noticing my silence, Augustus gave my arm a slight nudge and asked me what was wrong. Theoretically, someone like Augustus wasn't suitable for me to share my thoughts, but I trusted him enough to spill my thoughts to him.
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