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Chapter 173 Hot Spring

  • The hot spring that Augustus reserved was a private one. Once we entered, I spotted Gerald and Josephine waiting for us in the wide pool. When I went closer to them, Gerald's laughter reached my ears. I was so embarrassed I wanted to disappear from the spot at once.
  • Glaring at him, I chided, “What's so funny?”
  • I glanced at Josephine enviously. She was busty and leggy, so even though she was clad in an ordinary swimsuit, it was still a sight for sore eyes. Damn, comparison is a killjoy.
  • Gerald was about to say something, but he immediately shut up upon noticing Augustus' aloofness. Instead, he scratched his head and whispered to Josephine, “Augustus is the prettiest person ever. He'll get mad if I keep staring at his girlfriend.”
  • His voice was low, but I heard it clearly. I turned to look at Augustus and wondered if he had heard Gerald, too. After that, I lowered my head and pretended nothing had happened.
  • When I stepped into the hot spring pool, a pleasant sensation washed over me. I sat next to Josephine and placed a cloth over my forehead, just like what I'd seen those people did on TV. My body relaxed as I enjoyed the warm sensation.
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