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Chapter 171 She Is Special To Him

  • Josephine traded glances with me, asking me what was going on with an eye signal. I shook my head at her before starting to enjoy the delicious burger. Gerald, on the other hand, was sizing Augustus up. His eyes were wide in disbelief as though he had discovered a shocking secret.
  • As for Augustus, he was unperturbed while eating the drumstick as if nothing had happened. I had never seen someone who had such a strong grip of composure like Augustus. Even though the man had become the center of attention, he still managed to remain calm.
  • Gerald couldn't help but ask in an exaggerating manner, “Augustus, are you still the man I know?”
  • Hearing that, Augustus cast a glance at him and replied nonchalantly, “Why do you look so shocked?” His question made it look like Gerald was the one who was acting strange.
  • Gerald thumped his chest, trying to recover from his shock. “I started to doubt if you're really Augustus. My dear friend, aren't you germophobic? How could you even let others have your food?”
  • His words didn't make any sense to me. Hence, I muttered, “I think it doesn't matter since a germophobic person will only mind eating other people's food.”
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