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Chapter 170 Sharing Food

  • Jollyland was a dreamland - a place full of fun and adventures. We had had a great time there. Since the place was full to bursting, we needed to wait in a long queue for every ride and attraction. Even so, I never thought the waiting was a waste of time.
  • To my surprise, Augustus joined us as well without missing any of the activities.
  • After forty-five minutes of waiting in the long line, it was finally our turn to participate in the interesting and enjoyable adventure - bear honey hunting. The participants would be seated in the huge honey pots as they went on an adventure along the rail. There was nothing special about it, nor was it adventurous. Yet, the decoration of the tunnel was cute and endearing. While holding Augustus' arm, I was greatly amazed and would occasionally exclaim in awe.
  • Augustus held my hand in his. Seeing me thrilled and excited, he curled his lips into a smile. “People might think that I'm taking a three-year-old kid with me. Look, you're way more excited than those kids over there.”
  • At that moment, a gleam of affection seemed to have flashed across his eyes before I got to capture it.
  • “I've never visited this place before. When I was a kid, I was jealous of my classmates when they bragged to me about how fun the theme park was.” Unfortunately, my mom didn't have the time to bring me there.
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