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Chapter 17 Bomb Shots

  • I watched as Yvette whispered some things to Diego before the man went out and returned shortly after with a bartender who was holding a tray of several dozens of shot glasses. The bartender lined up ten glasses per row on the table as per the woman's instructions. Each of them was filled with Brandy. When he was done, Yvette pointed to the shot glasses and said, “How about we play a game? It's called Bomb Shots.”
  • My heart skipped a beat; I had never played Bomb Shots before. I had, however, seen people play this game back in Phoenix.
  • At times, a dispute would occur among the customers, but they had to resort to drinking to determine the winner since they could not get into a physical fight. Bomb Shots was a two-player drinking game that usually consisted of around thirty to forty shots. This game was not only about the capability to drink; it was also about courage. No limit was imposed to the number of shots one had to take, but one had to down as many shots as their opponent did in each round. In the middle of the game, players were not allowed to get drunk or vomit, and whoever downed the very last shot would be deemed the winner.
  • However, Brandy was a powerful liquor. To down so many Brandy shots in one go would get anyone six feet under, or at the very least, hospitalized for a month. That was why people intended to test each other's limits by drinking the shots slowly whenever they played this game. Despite taking precautions, however, the atmosphere would get progressively intense by the second. Nobody could guess whether their opponents would suddenly increase their speed in the following rounds.
  • What benefits would Tiger and Yvette gain from making me do this?
  • Back in Phoenix, Yvette had always been known for her drinking skills. I had a considerable tolerance for alcohol, but I had never fancied playing this kind of crazy game.
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