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Chapter 169 Make A Fool Of Myself

  • At the break of dawn, the first ray of sunlight roused me and Augustus from our deep slumbers. Gazing out the window through lidded eyes, I felt refreshed and vital.
  • Just as I was about to get out of the bed to wash myself up and begin a new day, Augustus held me in place. Wrapping both hands around me tightly, he whispered in my ear, “Erica, I just realized that I can't sleep soundly when you're not with me.”
  • I knew Augustus had suffered from insomnia, but he stopped tossing and turning at night ever since I started sleeping by his side. Previously, the man said that he cuddled me to sleep because he needed someone to keep him company and help him fall asleep, but he had never given me any credit for that. However, what he said just now confirmed that he couldn't fall asleep at night without me.
  • Despite feeling over the moon, I dared not get all puffed up with pride. “Mr. Adler, are you saying that you couldn't sleep well when you were with Gerald the day before yesterday?” I asked tentatively.
  • In Augustus' embrace, I could feel his warm, alluring breath caressing the back of my neck. Rolling over to face him, I heard him mutter to himself. “Mmm... I didn't sleep well the whole night...”
  • Although he stayed up all night, he still had to run around the entire day. My heart ached for him at this thought. Reaching out to stroke his face and the stubble on his chin, I pecked him on the cheek and mumble, “Sleep a little longer. Let me get dressed and put my makeup on now. I'll wake you up before leaving.”
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