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Chapter 168 The Fine Line Between Love And Hate

  • Since Augustus had rejected me, Josephine advised me to get some rest. She reasoned that I would be able to meet him earlier tomorrow if I caught on my sleep. Agreeing with her logic, I lay my head on the pillow as sleep slowly overcame me. I recalled Josephine's words to me last night, and Augustus' handsome features materialized in my mind. Though he seemed cold and unapproachable, I could not deny that he had a warm and generous side to him as well. My face blushed on its own accord.
  • I wondered if my desire to meet Augustus would lead to his inevitable appearance in my dreams. As my thoughts grew hazy, I eventually drifted to sleep.
  • Ding! The sound of the doorbell woke me from my fitful slumber. Raising my eyes, I caught sight of Josephine, who was playing games on her phone. “Who on earth could be here at this hour?”
  • “Probably the person you want to see most,” she replied meaningfully.
  • Perking up, I quickly changed out of my pajamas and rushed to the door.
  • I could hear Josephine laughing at me. Ignoring her, I flung the door open.
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