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Chapter 165 Upsetting Sleeping Arrangements

  • “Learnt your lesson yet?” Augustus had waited for me to finish my ice cream before addressing the elephant in the room.
  • I mumbled in assent, aware that there was nothing to be gained by acting like a stubborn mule. “I just wanted to explore the area on my own; I didn't think that far ahead.”
  • He scoffed and replied, “Do you know where we're staying tonight? How could you wander alone in an area like this? Impulsive actions are nothing more than stupidity; your rash actions could have had severe consequences.”
  • Despite his harsh words, I did not think he was frightening me on purpose. If not for him, I would be sleeping on the streets right now. I did not understand the local language, after all. If I was lucky, I might have run into a kind police officer offering shelter. But of course, I could not bring myself to imagine what could have happened if luck was not on my side.
  • My embarrassment eventually dissipated, and I sighed. I looked at Augustus miserably and asked, “Why didn't Josephine come to find me?”
  • Augustus frowned, evidently perplexed at my concern for Josephine in such an hour.
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