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Chapter 164 To The Rescue

  • Sandy blinked her eyes and asked with an innocent look, “Erica, do you mind telling me if you're in a relationship with Augustus?”
  • Without a second thought, I denied, “N-No! W-We're just—” Truth be told, I was at a loss for words. A few seconds of pause later, I stuttered, “M-Mr. Adler is just my employer.”
  • Sandy beamed in satisfaction when she heard my answer. In fact, she could barely conceal her excitement as her eyes were basically sparkling.
  • “Ah, that explains why you two don't seem like a couple. I mean, there's just a substantial difference between you and Augustus!”
  • Augustus smirked and asked, “Oh? Why is that so?”
  • Initially, I thought Augustus wouldn't be interested in a woman like Sandy. However, he actually expressed his interest in her and struck up a conversation with her.
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