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Chapter 161 Care To Join Me For A Drink

  • Out of the blue, I heard a woman's voice, greeting someone behind us in a suggestive tone, “Sir, do you guys need something to drink?”
  • Josephine beckoned me to turn around and look in Augustus and Gerald's direction.
  • As soon as I turned around, I saw an air stewardess leaning over to serve the men their drinks and some light refreshment.
  • Shaking her head, Josephine denoted in a hushed voice, “I'm pretty sure she's trying to hit on them since they're like filthy rich and good-looking at the same time. No one in their right mind will let go of such a rare opportunity.”
  • Confused, I asked, “How can she be sure they're still single? Is she speaking from experience?”
  • She flicked my forehead again as though it was the most natural thing to do. “Hello? Are you sure that's a legit question? Isn't it obvious? Do you see a ring on their fingers?”
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