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Chapter 160 A Pleasant Surprise

  • The next day, Colter dropped us off at the airport early in the morning.
  • A mother and son duo were ahead of us at the VIP security checkpoint while we were waiting for our turns for passenger screening. The person in charge must be tired as he instructed the little boy to look in the camera in a petulant manner. Confused, the little boy asked his mother the reason he had to look in the camera. His mother answered with a bright grin in a gentle tone, “It's because those from Zaprington are waiting for us. Go ahead and smile.”
  • Their interaction had made my day. I was pretty sure the little boy would grow up fine in a loving environment under his mother's guidance.
  • “Miss, please show me your passport.” I returned to my senses when I heard the person in charge's instruction. The moment I turned around, I saw Augustus smiling at me.
  • When I was in the middle of retrieving my passport, I started wondering if he had been overserving me since I lost myself in a train of thoughts because of the mother and son duo's interaction. I thought it wouldn't be such a bad idea to be the one and only he cared about, but that might be a luxury I couldn't afford.
  • Initially, I thought the trip to Jetroina would be the highlight of the week, but that wasn't the case. As soon as we entered the lounge for VIPs, someone showed up and took me by surprise.
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