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Chapter 159 You Do Not Care About Me

  • The moment Augustus reached the entrance, he whispered something to his assistant. In return, his assistant nodded with a serious look. Augustus made his way back to his office while his assistant approached our supervisor and instructed, “Mr. Adler wants everyone to keep the environment spick and span.”
  • Immediately after he delivered Augustus' instructions, he marched away with his chest held high. It felt as though he was proud of himself for being the mandated one. Monica, who was next to me, scoffed in a hushed voice, “What a suck-up!”
  • I had no intention to carry on with the conversation and decided to focus on the assigned task. However, Monica grasped my sleeve and apologized with a guilty look, “Erica, I'm so sorry for the trouble I have caused you. I was supposed to admit my fault, but I was overwhelmed and unable to think straight. Can you please forgive me for once?”
  • I shrugged my shoulders and responded with a smile, indicating it wasn't a big deal and I had no intention to blame her. After all, I had encountered lots of women like Monica during my time at MIX. It would be a waste of my time to hold a grudge against the likes of them.
  • At that, Monica returned to her sprightly self and announced, “He seems to be a man of a few words! I shouldn't have thought of such a petty trick! I'm so sorry for getting you involved!” Sighing, she then exclaimed, “I guess it's not that easy to hit on someone from the upper echelon, huh? I don't think he's ever going to fall for someone like me!”
  • Monica finally figured out she would never become a household member of a renowned family.
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