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Chapter 158 The Intern Of Boyard Corporation

  • I couldn't wait to meet him in a different setting because he had never failed to surprise me.
  • Things were completely different from the ones I had imagined. One after another, the executives behind him announced, “Mr. Adler, we are still sorting out the agreement due to a few discrepancies. I'll send it over as soon as it's done.”
  • “Mr. Adler, here's the consolidated financial report for the week. I have instructed your secretary to forward it to you. Please confirm upon receipt.”
  • Augustus managed to figure out the things everyone in the department had been dealing with upon a round of inspection. I was impressed by their capabilities and wondered if I could become one of them in the near future.
  • Although I had returned to my seat, I couldn't focus on my assigned task at all when Augustus was around. My eyes were glued to the serious-looking man. I had never seen Augustus being around those from Boyard Corporation before. He seemed nothing like the mischievous owner of MIX. Augustus had always behaved superior to those at MIX and focused on resolving the issues that required his attention instead of mingling around with others. Things were the complete opposite when Augustus was in the meeting with his subordinates from Boyard Corporation. Although he had a straight face throughout the meeting, it was evident he thought highly of his subordinates.
  • It was then I figured out knowledge was the only key to poverty. Thus, I was determined to give my best to garner as much exposure as possible.
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