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Chapter 157 The Mysterious Bachelor

  • Meanwhile, Augustus had upheld his promised and gotten Colter to get me enrolled in another university. I was proud to declare myself a student again. Although I wouldn't get to attend class on a daily basis, I finally had something I could look forward to. Whenever Augustus showed up with reading materials from the corporate world, I would imagine me joining the company upon graduation.
  • Boyard Corporation was slightly different from my imagination because everyone there seemed to be elites amongst elites. They would take the elevator up the twelfth floor just to have their meals at the cafeteria. As much as I wanted to be a member of Boyard Corporation, I couldn't help but doubt myself, wondering if I had what it takes.
  • Sometime later, I had completely gotten rid of my identity as a member of MIX. Wherever Augustus was, I would show up next to him without fail. Colter considered me lucky because I was the only one who could get rid of the messed-up lifestyle amongst those from MIX. His words resonated with the thoughts I had in mind—I was proud to have the chance to compete against an ordinary peer of mine again. I was determined to turn over a new leaf. Instead of being overly reliant on Augustus, I had made up my mind to be independent.
  • I acquired Augustus' aid to secure myself a job. As long as I could prove myself worthy, even if it was a trivial role such as a janitor, it wouldn't matter. The pay wasn't one of my main considerations, but it would be great if I could generate a source of income of my own.
  • Augustus deadpanned his reply, “Do you know how many people out there are envious of your carefree life?”
  • It was quite a carefree life since my only task was to keep Augustus company. With that being said, it was an eye-opening experience as I had the chance to interact with people from all walks of life. Not even a housewife could live a carefree life without getting their alternatives ready, let alone a nobody next to the almighty Augustus. It wouldn't be necessary for Augustus to promise me anything as I merely wished to have the capabilities to pave the path of success in life.
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