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Chapter 156 I Will Not Give Up

  • Macie brought up the suggestion to head elsewhere for another round of drinks after our meal.
  • Intimately pinching her cheek, Augustus said, “It's time to go home because it's not safe for you to wander around when it's getting late.”
  • Unwilling to give up just yet, Macie stomped her feet and asked, “Why? I'm already an adult! Why are you stopping me when Erica gets to drink?”
  • Augustus had never intended to stop Macie. He answered with a bright grin, “Shall we drop by my bar?”
  • After that, we ended up walking side by side in a pair. Macie and Jackson were ahead of Augustus and me.
  • I took a peek at Augustus and wrapped my arms around his arm, whispering my question, “Do you think things will work out between them? I think Macie is serious about their relationship!” Initially, I thought Macie had been fooling around with Jackson, but she couldn't move her eyes away from Jackson the moment he showed up.
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