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Chapter 155 A Bit Too Unromantic

  • I had a baseless intuitive feeling that I was the main reason Augustus wanted to tag along with us and meet Jackson. While I was filled with anticipation, I was denying the possibility of my speculation at the same time. At that moment, I was overwhelmed by conflicting feelings.
  • At five o'clock in the evening, Macie appeared. She was dressed to the nines, donning a mini black dress that made her look sophisticated and elegant. However, that impression of her shattered once she spoke. She held onto her skirt and spun around before inching her face close to mine. With a smile, she asked, “Do I look pretty today, Erica? Do I look like an adult?”
  • Despite looking mature, Macie was not as sensible as I was even though we were the same age. It was normal for a girl like her who had everything to grow up without a care in the world. Besides, she was at the most unfettered age, having gained freedom after being freed from the shackles of her parents. So of course she should enjoy her youth while she could before getting married. However, that did not apply to me. As the saying goes, poor children grow up faster. At that thought, I laughed at myself mockingly.
  • Since we were not going to meet the person I liked, naturally, I did not have to put any effort into dressing up. And so, I casually grabbed a T-shirt and wore some comfortable sweatpants. Then, putting my phone in my pocket, I stood in front of Macie and Augustus. She widened her eyes at me and made a fuss as she said, “You're dressing a bit too casually, Erica.”
  • However, I did not comment and merely shrugged before taking her hand. “Let's go.” As I spoke, I looked up at Augustus. For some reason, he seemed to be in a good mood.
  • Jackson had reserved a table at a food stall that cooked simple food. Once we got to the entrance, Macie's expression darkened. She seemed out of place as she was dressed in branded goods. Perhaps all she wanted to do then was quickly change out of her fancy dress.
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