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Chapter 154 All For Me

  • Is he trying to find fault in me? Not understanding the situation, Macie was busy trying to clarify things to him, telling him that she was the one who begged me to introduce Jackson to her. However, since he was merely venting his anger on me, her explanations were all in vain. With that, I could only let him continue lashing out at me while I froze in place awkwardly.
  • Augustus usually had hidden agendas behind his words and actions. As expectedly, once he finished criticizing me, he proposed to meet with Jackson.
  • Taken aback, Macie and I looked at each other. What?
  • However, he added casually, “Since Erica's going to ask that boy out to have dinner with you, I'll go along then. I want to see who he is and whether he's worthy of you.”
  • It was interesting to watch when the brothers were overprotective of their sisters in dramas. However, when I became the recipient of such behavior, I no longer thought so. Furthermore, I had read him like an open book. Thus, I did not believe that he wanted to meet Jackson merely to see if he was suitable for Macie.
  • Upon hearing his words, she complained in frustration, “But we barely know each other. Why are you tagging along? If you keep interrogating him, he'll get intimidated. If he refuses to meet me after that, I won't let you off.”
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