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Chapter 152 Go Home With Me

  • Two hours later, the housekeeper knocked on our door, informing us that dinner was ready. I realized only by now that Augustus and I had fallen asleep on the bed for quite some time. I had always been a light sleeper while Augustus had insomnia. However, we could always sleep well whenever we were together. As such, I felt relieved because it meant that Augustus and I needed each other.
  • Since Augustus gestured at me to hold his arm, I did as he said. Even though Kristoff reminded me not to irritate Olivia, I dared not disobey Augustus because he was my real boss. Nevertheless, I also had my reasons to do as Augustus said. Since Olivia was on the losing side in all of our recent encounters, I felt a little excited to see how Augustus would teach her a lesson later.
  • When we reached the dining room, Kristoff and Macie were already sitting at the table. A moment later, the doorbell rang, signifying that Olivia had also arrived.
  • I knew that Macie didn't like Olivia but didn't expect to see them falling out so soon. Once Olivia came in, Macie said sarcastically, “Olivia, I can see that your nose is better than a dog's. I mean, you arrive as soon as you smell food.”
  • I lowered my head and chuckled. Macie was probably the only one who could give Olivia a shellacking, given their equal social status. At that moment, I felt relieved that Macie didn't loathe me, or else I could hardly withstand her ridicules and criticisms.
  • Since Olivia was an impatient person herself, she pulled a long face upon hearing it and shrieked, “Macie, did I ever offend you? Why must you ridicule me as soon as I come in? Are you aware that I'm your sister-in-law?” She emphasized the final word while gnashing her teeth.
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