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Chapter 146 Can We Be Friends

  • At seven in the evening, Macie arrived to pick me up. When I entered her expensive sports car, I sighed. Another socialite.
  • Macie stepped on the accelerator and sped away. She flashed a grin and asked, “Erica, what do you want for dinner?”
  • I was taken aback by her question. “I'm sorry. I didn't know you wanted to have dinner with me. I've already had dinner just now.”
  • Earlier, Augustus told me that Macie was a vain girl. If we were to get our hair done, it would take her at least eight hours. I was shocked to learn that fact. Hence, when Augustus told his secretary to order him dinner, I ordered some for myself and gobbled everything up.
  • I caressed my bulging stomach and shot Macie an apologetic look. Macie giggled upon seeing what I was doing and waved her hands dismissively. “Erica, don't mind me. It's no big deal. Why are you so flustered?”
  • I realized that I had lost my composure. Instantly, my embarrassment heightened. Macie might be adorable and vivacious, but I didn't know if she was an easygoing person. I was afraid that she had two different sides to her, so I couldn't help but speak carefully in front of her. Knowing that Macie had sensed my discomfort, I froze in my seat.
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