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Chapter 144 Good Old Days

  • I waited anxiously outside Augustus' office. I had never seen him so friendly to a girl since the first day I knew him. Who is that girl he's talking to?
  • After a while, the doors were pushed open and a big-eyed girl walked out. There was a spring in her step. She looked adorable with her hair tied up into a bun.
  • I stood awkwardly and was hesitated to greet her.
  • Suddenly, she approached me with a wide smile and took my hand. “You must be Erica. You look much prettier than the rumor says,” she said cheerfully.
  • I returned the smile. “Hello, I'm Erica. And you are...” I asked shyly.
  • “She's Macie Crawford,” Augustus answered as he walked out of his office slowly. “She's my cousin who just returned from abroad.”
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