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Chapter 142 The Beginning Of Misfortune

  • Since Augustus was no longer mad at me, a huge weight had lifted off my chest. I requested respect and equality from him earlier, but after experiencing hardship in the outside world, I realized that I was merely trying to play the victim. Now that I'm back to him, I won't ask for anything else. As long as I can be with him, there's nothing to be afraid of.
  • Besides, he already knew that Olivia had framed me. He knew that I didn't steal, nor did I poke into his family business. Even so, he didn't say anything about it. Knowing him, he surely would not admit that he had misunderstood me, but I didn't mind. It wasn't like I had expected to see the apologetic look on his face, anyway. I really can't act tough around him. Right then, Josephine's words suddenly echoed in my mind. If she finds out that I've returned to Augustus, she'll definitely be disappointed. I have no time to care about that, though. Right now, all that matters the most is that I've returned to him.
  • A while later, I made Augustus a special pasta. After putting on a T-shirt, he sat at the dining table and began digging in while I happily watched him with both my hands on my cheeks.
  • The contentment I felt right now was different from the previous days. Though spending time with Josephine was also blissful, words could not describe my current euphoria.
  • I studied Augustus intently. He had just washed his hair, which made him appear even more captivating.
  • “Why are you staring at me?” he questioned.
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