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Chapter 141 Make Peace

  • “What are you smiling about?” Augustus asked once we entered the car.
  • Colter was sitting at the driver's seat, and he would occasionally glance at me from the rearview mirror. Maybe he was wondering why I had returned to Augustus. I smiled at him through the reflection in the mirror as he looked away awkwardly. After that, he ignited the engine to start driving home.
  • “I wonder how Mr. Wallaby is doing now. What are the guards doing to him?” I asked Augustus curiously. Don't tell me they're going to break his arm too. No. I think Buck will get it worse since he was rude to Augustus.
  • “I didn't specify anything, so it's up to them.”
  • “Mr. Adler has never cared about such trivial matters,” informed Colter. “But generally speaking, those who caused trouble at MIX certainly did not end well. Some were stripped naked and thrown in front of their office. Some were willing to get on their knees and beg for mercy. Either way, all of them understood the seriousness of the situation.”
  • The words rolled off Colter's tongue so casually as if it was a normal thing. I was stupefied after listening to him. No wonder MIX's status remained on top in this city. Nobody dared to cause trouble in that building because Augustus had never gone soft on anyone. MIX might be a fun place, but if provoked, the consequences could be deadly. Every business had its rules, after all.
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