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Chapter 140 Strong Competitor

  • “Tell you what. I'll give you one more chance if you do as I say.” She smiled. Honestly, I would have admitted that she was beautiful if she weren't this detestable.
  • I stared at her, waiting for her to continue.
  • She then pointed to the floor and demanded, “Kowtow to me three times and admit that you're wrong. I might let you go after that. Are you up to it, Erica?”
  • Chills traveled down my spine as my mind wandered back to the image of Sonia walking out of Tiger's room looking so tormented. I could not let that happen to me. If giving up my dignity meant escaping this issue, then so be it.
  • “Can you guarantee that you'll let me off the hook if I do that?” I asked indifferently.
  • Her sly expression instantly faded. “Who says you can question me?” uttered Olivia, leaving me no room to refute, and I knew I had no other choice left.
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