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Chapter 139 Seeking For Help

  • Shirley had already left with her patron, and nothing here was interesting enough for Buck, so his whole attention was on me. He hugged me tightly as his hands roamed all over me. I wished I could chop his filthy hands off and deliver them to his wife.
  • “Let's go, pretty girl,” he whispered in my ear. “Not Going Home Tonight is indeed the best cocktail because I'm not going home tonight!” He stood up with a laugh before pulling me into his arms.
  • I tried to push him away but to no avail, considering he was stronger.
  • At this moment, I knew I needed to find Mannie. Though she always told us to solve our problems by ourselves, I needed help with this one. When I told Buck that I could not provide sexual services, he seemed like he wanted to kill me right there.
  • “Wait, Mr. Wallaby.” I patted his chest lightly. “Let me return to my dorm to freshen up and put on makeup. I'll come back later, hmm?”
  • “You really love being pretty, don't you?” Buck chuckled as he stroked my cheek. “Okay, then. Off you go” He sounded calm, but his grip on my arm tightened. “You better not have any funny business, though. Even if I'm not from this city, I've brought enough men to wipe out this bar's entire existence.”
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