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Chapter 138 The Story Of Sonia

  • “Because I regret it.” Sonia looked down, and I could not read her expression. “I shouldn't have ended up getting raped in your place. Tiger and his gang were inhuman. Do you know how long I've suffered alone thinking about how they treated me? Tell me, Erica, why was I so dumb? Why did I suffer for you?”
  • She sounded so sad that I would have felt sorry for her if I were not the one she was targeting. Still, I didn't know what to say to her.
  • “It wasn't my fault, was it?”
  • My hatred toward Tiger increased twice as much. If it weren't for him, Sonia would not have become like this.
  • “Mr. Adler already had one of his men to break Tiger's arm. He won't dare to be as arrogant as he used to be. Sonia, let's forget the horrible past together, okay?” I pleaded while grabbing her hand.
  • Unfortunately, my plead only seemed to increase her rage as she shook off my hand harshly. “No! Mr. Adler did that only because you were forced to drink a few glasses of alcohol. You're so lucky that someone stood up for you over that minor stuff. Yet here I am, suffering alone. Maybe my body isn't worth that much considering Tiger didn't bear the consequence of doing such filthy things to me.”
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