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Chapter 137 I Want You To Suffer

  • “Mr. Wallaby, I...” I was at a loss and could not bring myself to say anything, so I resorted to pouring him a glass of wine and lifted the glass in front of him. “I can't sing nor dance. All I can do is drink, so how about I toast to you one more time?” My only choice now was to please him in hopes that he could let me go.
  • Unfortunately, he was not that easy to convince.
  • He slowly leaned closer to me that I could smell the scent of alcohol blended with his body odor. Holding my breath, I took a step backward.
  • At this moment, I regretted my decision. How great would it be if I had stayed with Augustus instead of trying to prove whatever dignity I had? At least I would not have ended up with this man who was old enough to be my dad. Not only that, I had to endure his foul language too. As I had expected, it was difficult to crawl back to this hell hole after spending my days placidly with Augustus.
  • “I don't drink, lass,” he uttered with a smile, showing his tobacco-stained teeth as he squeezed my cheek. “How about you perform a striptease for me first, hmm?”
  • His eyes bore right into my dress straps as he sized me up and down, never bothering to hide his evident lust at all.
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