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Chapter 133 Make A Start

  • I'd imagine this as a painful affair, but the moment I immersed myself in it, time flew by quickly. It was always hard to make a start.
  • MIX's patrons were much more civilized compared with Phoenix's. The middle-aged man only sipped on his wine and chatted with me amiably. He never laid a hand on me.
  • Slowly, I relaxed as time went by.
  • In the end, the man said he wanted to leave with me. Stunned, I immediately rejected his offer. “I'm sorry. I don't go out with the patrons.”
  • Upon hearing my rejection, his friend arched a brow and demanded. “How dare you reject Mr. Langley?”
  • Oh, no. Did I run into a difficult patron? The previous incident with Tiger left a scar on my heart. I still couldn't forget how helpless I was back then.
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