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Chapter 132 Get To Work

  • Michelle started complaining about my mistakes—arriving at work late, leaving work before time was up, lazing around without contributing to MIX—which were all trivial matters. I finally realized that when someone despised you, whatever you do or say would be annoying to that person.
  • Sighing exasperatedly, I spoke calmly. “I know you don't like me, but we're here to work and earn money. We're all the same. Why are you being harsh? Mr. Adler and I are innocent, but you insisted I was his lover. Is that my fault?” I couldn't stop the bitterness from spreading in my heart at the thought of Augustus abandoning me here.
  • Previously, though Augustus never defended me in public, his every action showed how protective he was of me. Looks like he'll never stand up for me ever again.
  • The girls said nothing, but their expressions were contorted in anger. I continued, “I shall stay away from you. We don't have to get along well, but please stop mocking me. It's already hard for us to survive in society for people regard us as lowly beings. I hope you can put yourselves in my shoes.”
  • After hearing what I had to say, they exchanged gazes silently with their mouths agape. Everyone here had been through some hardships in their lives. Perhaps my words had struck a chord with them, or perhaps they realized their hatred for me was useless, for they finally stopped pointing fingers at me. I breathed a sigh of relief at that and settled down to watch a TV series on my iPad.
  • I remembered a saying I saw in a TV series, “Life goes on no matter you are happy or not.” Hence, there was no need for me to waste my days wallowing.
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