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Chapter 130 Marked

  • I really did not expect that I would be staring at those women all night. I sat by myself in the private room the whole time. No one came over to me to request a toast. Josephine caught my attention several times, her brows twitching here and there. Seizing an opportunity, she urged me to pluck up the courage and face the challenge confidently. In turn, I obeyed her. Bringing my glass to the front, I proposed a toast to each of the men present. But nothing else happened after that. At first, I thought they were young and inexperienced, and probably disinclined to have physical contact with the ladies. But, after three rounds, more and more women entered the room, yet I was never chosen to sit next to any of the men. I was on the brink of giving up. I let myself sit on one side like a fool, watching the rest of them play games and down one glass after another. What a waste of time!
  • After a while, Gerald got up to use the bathroom. Spotting my chance, I rushed forward and caught up to him.
  • Gerald looked at me with interest and asked, “Hey pretty, you've been by yourself the whole time, haven't you? Bored yet?”
  • I did not spare him any courtesy, and got straight to the point instead, “Why isn’t anyone asking for me? Are you all conspiring to leave me out?” If I were looking into a mirror then, I would have seen how mad I was.
  • Gerald got out a cigarette from the case in his pocket and lit it up, his eyes squinting. Next, he took a deep breath. The lingering smoke formed a variety of shapes before my eyes. Frowning, I backed away. “You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?”
  • Gerald smiled blandly. Then, he spoke, “You're Mr. Adler's woman. You should know by now. Who do you think would dare to cross him?”
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