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Chapter 13 It Suits You

  • I don't know the specifics as to how MIX differs from Phoenix, but I know it's not going to be easy working there... I wonder how Sonia and Summer are doing right now... Are they in trouble? Would Tiger take it out on them after what I did? The boss at Phoenix has some connections with gangsters, so he probably wouldn't allow Tiger cause trouble there... Ugh, I don't know...
  • After spending the rest of the night with that bee in my bonnet, I fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning.
  • It was already 9 a.m. by the time I woke up again. Although Mr. Adler didn't say what time I should head over to MIX, I figured I should get there earlier if I were to start work immediately. After all, nightclubs were usually open for business in the evening and closed early in the morning.
  • After quickly taking a shower, I began to hesitate about what I should wear as I had bought very simple and plain-looking clothes when I went shopping with Colter the other day. I really didn't have anything suitable to wear if I were to work at a nightclub. If anything, the clothes I had would only make me look like I was there to stir trouble.
  • “What are you doing standing there? Why aren't you dressed yet?” Mr. Adler appeared behind me all of a sudden, which was something I had gotten used to as it was his house, and he was free to show up anytime and anywhere he liked.
  • He had on a black dress shirt with the top button undone, revealing his sexy collarbone once again. Had it not been for the hostile look on his face, he would've easily passed as a superstar with his handsome appearance and tall figure.
  • “I don't have anything suitable to wear.”
  • Mr. Adler frowned. “What do you mean?”
  • “Oh, you know... Something sexy and revealing?” I felt my cheeks burn up as I forced those words out of my mouth.
  • Mr. Adler narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Hmm? Did someone tell you to wear such clothes to work at MIX? Or are you simply that cheap?”
  • “N-No! I just... I thought all nightclubs were the same, that's all!” I panicked when I saw him getting angry and wrapped my arms around his instinctively, just like how I did when I got into his car the first time.
  • From what I could tell, he rarely let anyone touch him, but seemed to feel comfortable with me doing it.
  • He then brushed my arm off and picked out a saffron dress from the closet. “Put this on.”
  • I took it over from him and was about to head over to the bathroom to get changed when he stopped me. “Get changed right here and now.”
  • I snuck a glance at him and saw that he wasn't going to leave, so I had no choice but to do as told.
  • As I undid the strap of my nightgown, the cold air in the room made me feel extremely uncomfortable. However, I could sense his burning, penetrating gaze on my back and didn't dare look at him until I was done changing. However, when I turned around and saw no traces of lust on his face whatsoever, I realized I was probably just overthinking.
  • While I was relieved that he wasn't preying on me like I thought he was, I couldn't help but wonder what it would take for a woman to enter his life if he had no desires at all.
  • He eyed me from head to toe and nodded in satisfaction. “It suits you very well, so you can just wear this to work from now on.”
  • Compliments were always a good thing, especially one that came from someone like Mr. Adler. I stole a glance at myself in the mirror on my way out of the room and saw how the color made me look young and energetic.