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Chapter 129 Marked

  • Mannie got down to business after that.
  • “Erica, I can tell that Felicia thinks of you as a threat. A thorn in her side, if you will. If it wasn't because of Mr. Adler's fondness for you, she would have dealt with you long ago,” Mannie explained, her brows knotted.
  • Felicia was a very capable assistant. She was headstrong and competitive. The club's public relations was able to flourish because of her. But competent people had one common flaw. Sometimes Felicia came off too strong, and Mannie might not always be able to control her.
  • Mannie had always been nice to me. Gratefully, I responded, “Mannie, I'm not Mr. Adler's favorite in every sense of the word. But I can assure you that I'll protect myself. I won't do anything to provoke Felicia and, as long as I do that, she has nothing on me.”
  • Felicia harbored a deep grudge against me, that much was true. But regardless of how resourceful she was, she could not simply run up to me and slap me in the face. As long as I behave and know my place, she could not do anything to me.
  • Mannie looked at me and said wryly, “You're lucky you don't go out with the patrons, otherwise no one can protect you even if you work under Felicia.”
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