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Chapter 128 Blinders

  • Augustus was in the living room when I got home. Perhaps it was because of what Josephine had said, I no longer feared the man as much as I used to. I greeted him casually and headed to my room.
  • “Erica,” Augustus called out to me, “where have you been?”
  • His icy, cold voice dished out a command, and I stayed rooted to the spot.
  • “Josephine invited me to her place. MIX is under renovation this couple of days anyway, and I have nothing to do here, so I went.” I paused to match his gaze and then, in a defiant tone, challenged him, “Mr. Adler, should I have asked for your permission?”
  • Once I said that, I expected him to counter with his usual insults again, but instead he burst out laughing, and slowly he said, “I see you've been spending quite some time with Josephine. Look at you, your teeth are getting sharper.”
  • I did not understand what he was insinuating, so I replied blandly, “That's just because you don't know what I'm actually like, Mr. Adler. I submitted to you out of fear and respect, that's why I can barely utter a complete sentence in front of you.”
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