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Chapter 127 Another Dorm Visit

  • Josephine and I were practically bosom buddies. We were constantly on the other person's mind. I woke up to find that she had sent me a message, asking me to come to her dorm.
  • Josephine's suggestion was not exactly attractive, but I had nothing to do at home anyway, so I accepted her invitation.
  • I hailed a taxi and headed to MIX.
  • The taxi driver seemed interested in knowing my purpose for going to MIX. He must have heard that MIX was not the usual hangout spot, but he was fickle about forming the right questions. After some hesitation, he asked, “Miss, don't you have school today? Are you on break?”
  • I did not particularly enjoy sharing my private life with strangers, so I simply muttered a few words to get him off my back. Then, I looked out the window. What I did and where I worked was none of his concern.
  • The driver chuckled. From the reflection of the rearview window, he continued to observe me in secret. It took a while before he decided to give me advice I did not ask for. “When I was young, I wanted to get out there and start work as soon as I can. But now that I had money in my pockets, I realized that going to college and pursuing academia was the best thing anyone could ask for. Don't you think so?” He was obviously trying to seek my approval.
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