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Chapter 126 Josephine Got Tipsy

  • Gerald nodded thoughtfully with a look of approval in his eyes. “Indeed, I agree with you. The essence of a buffet lies in having the privilege to pick out the food you want from the displays, but...” he glanced at Augustus before continuing, “Look at Mr. Adler over here. Do you think he'll want to squeeze into the crowd, fill his own plate with food, and get back here in one piece?”
  • His comment rendered me speechless. I looked at Josephine and realized that she and I were the same. We had not thought it through.
  • For someone of superior status such as Augustus, he would need to be served even at a buffet.
  • Josephine sighed and shook her head. “I guess it's better to be a commoner.”
  • I felt the same, so I gave a firm nod. Even the high and mighty Augustus could not experience an ordinary life.
  • Although the servers had brought us a number of dishes to fill the table, thus taking away the pleasure of a buffet experience, I could hardly think much of it for I was distracted by the dazzling array of delicate cuisine before me. People like me did not normally get served food like this, so I might as well savor it.
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