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Chapter 125 Tension At The Table

  • I certainly did not expect Gerald to be such a gossipmonger. He really told Augustus that I was visiting his hotel.
  • I was having a really good time enjoying my Coke and a sumptuous meal when I saw Augustus slowly approaching us with a scowl on his face.
  • I made eye contact with Josephine. She looked behind her and, appalled, whispered to me with her mouth covered, “Erica, what have you done to offend Augustus?”
  • It was understandable for Josephine to react that way, for Augustus looked really grumpy.
  • I waved my hand dismissively and put up a wry smile. “I didn't have to do anything. He's always like that.”
  • Unlike the other employees at MIX, Josephine was not afraid of Augustus. Even while he was making his way towards us, Josephine showed no fear as she chewed on the lobster and downed her beer.
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