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Chapter 124 Buffet Restaurant

  • When Josephine found me, I was still standing in front of the store, hesitating.
  • Tugging on my sleeve, she asked, “Erica, what are you doing here?”
  • I came back to my senses and turned to face her. “Oh, I got bored just now and came out for a stroll. Before I knew it I'm at the men's section,” I answered as I studied her appearance. She must have been really keen to get herself dolled up. It only took a while for her to become a whole different person, carrying so many bags.
  • Josephine acknowledged my response and smiled at me wickedly, “Oh, how thoughtful of you, Erica. Here you are, out shopping, and yet still have a mind to check out some clothes for Mr. Adler.”
  • “No, it's not like that,” I denied. “I was just browsing, and I could have sworn I saw my dad...” I looked into the men's section again. The man I had been following seemed to be picking out some suits.
  • Appalled, Josephine turned to where I was looking. “Well, what are you waiting for? Go say hi!” she exclaimed and, when I did not respond, paused and then asked cautiously, “Wait, is your father mad at you?”
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