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Chapter 123 Quality Girl Time

  • I was surprisingly spirited the next day, waking up early to make breakfast for myself before taking the bus to work.
  • Upon arriving at MIX, I realized that there was not a single soul in sight. All I could think of was sleeping and waking up early to make enough money for myself to get out of this place, but I never once thought of asking about the working hours at MIX. At the moment, I was sitting alone on the couch in MIX's lobby, completely nonplussed. It seemed like this was all for nothing.
  • I yawned with a hand over my mouth. I would've slept a little longer if I knew this was going to happen.
  • After ten minutes or so, the cleaning lady, Nora, came in for work. Finally, another human being! I rushed forward to ask, “Nora, what time do we open here? Why hasn't anyone arrived yet?” Logically speaking, even if the first floor wasn't open for business yet, the other girls should've already come to prepare for classes or other work-related matters by now.
  • Nora blinked at me, as though surprised by my question. “Erica, don't you know that MIX is closed today for upgrades? Business will only resume the day after tomorrow. Many of the girls are taking advantage of the two-day break to go on a vacation.”
  • I was shocked, to say the least. It seemed like my grand plan would have to be postponed for another two more days.
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