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Chapter 120 Eavesdropping

  • Augustus' phone rang incessantly. Colter glanced at the caller ID displayed on the screen and announced that it was an important client of Augustus'. He stared at me, as though asking me to bring the phone to Augustus.
  • I was caught in a bind. After all, Augustus was currently talking to Lydia, and the last thing I wanted to do was interrupt them. However, the client called relentlessly. In the end, Colter urged me again, “Ms. Whitlock, Mr. Augustus' career means everything to him. If he suffers any losses because he failed to pick up this call, neither of us will be able to bear the consequences.”
  • Since he put it that way, I had no choice but to grab the phone and go back there to look for Augustus.
  • There was no one near the elevator or the entrance. Come to think of it, it wouldn't make sense for Augustus to talk to his mother in such an open space. Scanning my surroundings, I meandered around but still saw no sign of them.
  • I let out a sigh. Since I couldn't find them even after trying my best, there was nothing else I could do. Feeling much more relieved, I was about to head back to the car when I spotted the edge of a silk scarf at the corner of the stairwell.
  • The fabric was billowing in the wind. If I remembered correctly, the lavish silk scarf belonged to Lydia.
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