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Chapter 12 The First Thing I Want You To Do

  • I tensed up instantly as I thought he was going to kick me out. “No, I don't want to go back to Phoenix.”
  • “What about working at MIX, then?”
  • The dim lighting in the room highlighted his facial features even more, and his thin lips looked blood-red from drinking. With a shudder down my spine, I asked cautiously, “I've heard about MIX. Isn't that the most famous nightclub in the city? The clients there are either wealthy or powerful! Are you pulling my leg, Mr. Adler?”
  • I knew my limit very well, and working at a place that grand was definitely beyond me. Besides, I was determined to get myself a normal nine-to-five job and broke free from my previous unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Mr. Adler snorted and said coldly, “Hmph... Getting you a job in MIX is a piece of cake for someone like me, so tell me... Do you want to work there or not?”
  • “I... No, I don't.” I stammered when I saw his icy-cold gaze.
  • “Why not?”
  • “Unless it was absolutely necessary, I don't ever want to work at such places anymore.” I held my head low in guilt as I had rejected his first request despite my promise to do anything he asked.
  • “What if it is necessary?” he asked, seemingly oblivious to the change in my expression.
  • Unsure of what he meant by that, I looked up at him in confusion.
  • For some reason, Mr. Adler found my response hilarious and let out a chuckle before continuing, “When I took you in, I told you I would have work for you. The first thing I want you to do is to work at MIX.”
  • “What do you want me to do there?” Rejecting his request a second time would be a bad idea, and working for him was definitely better than being caught by Tiger anyway.
  • “What you usually do best, of course. Drink and chat with the customers.” His voice was really low, and he seemed to be a little tired as he gently massaged his forehead.
  • Noticing that, I quickly got behind him and gave him a head massage.
  • He obviously wasn't used to having someone else touch him as he tensed up in response, but was quick to regain his composure and relax soon after.
  • My mother fell sick pretty often, so I had a lot of experience giving her massages to help relieve some of her pain. However, it was rather strange that Mr. Adler had no one to look after him despite having such a tremendous amount of wealth. I hope that by doing so, I'll at least be able to gain his trust, even if it is just a little. After all, I will be relying on him for quite a long time in the future...
  • “Is that it? I mean... You know how I don't go out with customers...” I wasn't sure about the rules over at MIX, but I felt the need to emphasize on my bottom line.
  • Mr. Adler chuckled in disdain. “Don't worry, the customers at MIX aren't going to just force themselves on you.”
  • I felt relieved when I heard that. Thank goodness... Everything is negotiable as long as I don't have to go out with the customers...
  • He then grabbed me by the wrist, pulled me in front of him, and squeezed my chin as he warned me coldly, “MIX isn't like Phoenix, so you'd better behave yourself while working there. I don't want you getting into any more trouble, is that clear?”
  • “Y-Yes!” I whimpered in pain with tears in my eyes.
  • Feeling satisfied with my behavior, he let go of my chin and gave me a comforting kiss on the forehead. “There's still a few hours left before dawn, so you should go back to sleep. I'll take you to MIX tomorrow.”