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Chapter 118 What Is Done Is Done

  • A smile tugged on my lips as I found it ironic that Lydia looked worlds apart from her usual elegant self when she was furious.
  • “What are you talking about, Erica?”
  • The moment the words left Augustus' lips, Lydia shot me a glare, as though wanting nothing more than to sew my mouth shut.
  • I initially never planned to tell Augustus that his mother had looked for me once. After all, she cared so much about what Augustus thought of her, so it was best to avoid unnecessary trouble, lest I be labeled the bad guy. However, Lydia's high and mighty behavior just now really rubbed me the wrong way. Humans were born free and equal, so why should I allow her to walk all over me?
  • “Your mother invited me out for coffee the other day and we had a short chat.” I inched a little closer to Augustus, afraid that Lydia would physically lash out at me in a fit of rage.
  • Augustus cast an indifferent gaze at Lydia and prompted, “Go on.”
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