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Chapter 116 Hannah Had An Accident

  • Augustus didn't make me any promises, merely declaring that he would protect me. Despite that, I didn't ask him for any promises either. Although I had had intimate relations with him, I understood that it was merely a consensual game in the adult world.
  • It was enough for him to have said that he would protect me, for what else could I hope for? I never gave any thought to how long I would stay by his side or how my future would look like. The only thing I knew was to not harbor any hope so that I could nonchalantly leave him when he asked me to do so one day.
  • After all, he couldn't possibly remain a bachelor his entire life considering his status, so some other woman would still be his wife if not Olivia. And needless to say, no aristocratic wife would be willing to put up with another woman having a dubious relationship with her husband. I knew my place well enough, after all.
  • After I had rested, Augustus called Colter to come over and drive me home. Being on standby at all times, Colter instantly drove over the moment he received his orders. Puzzled, I asked Augustus why he wasn't driving back himself but have Colter come all the way over. In response, he merely replied plainly that he wasn't in the mood to drive. Hmm... the trip takes a little over two hours, and there's even a stretch of winding road, so it's indeed rather tiring to drive. I then lamented inwardly, Ah, Rich people are really pampered!
  • As soon as we settled into the car, Colter asked Augustus deferentially, “Should I drive you both home now?”
  • When Augustus told him to drive me home to rest before dropping him off at Boyard Corporation for a meeting, I was on cloud nine. As such, a delighted smile unconsciously manifested on my face. Shooting me a glare, Augustus coldly chided, “Erica Whitlock, if every employee I hire only sleeps at home like you, MIX would soon go bankrupt.”
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