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Chapter 113 Do You Love Hannah Sanders

  • Throughout it all, Hannah wore an expression of sorrow. Stuck between her and Augustus, I was seized with the urge to flee someplace else. After all, I was already the target of her friends' verbal abuse right then.
  • The disdain in their eyes was so blatant that I averted my gaze and stared into the distance as though l wasn't the shameless woman they were speaking of. To my disappointment, Augustus didn't defend me. In fact, he didn't even utter a single word, merely allowing them to condemn me to their hearts' content.
  • Hannah looked exceedingly anguished, appearing so fragile that a gust of wind could sweep her away.
  • “How much further are you going to push Hannah, Augustus?” The eyes of the short-haired beauty blazed with anger.
  • “Please don't say anything more, Celia,” Hannah implored softly, tugging at her wrist.
  • However, the short-haired beauty ignored her plea, clutching her hand instead. Losing her balance momentarily, Hannah stumbled forward, right into Augustus' arms. When I saw that, I instantly took a step back. In the next instance, Augustus lifted a hand and supported her back.
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