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Chapter 110 Childhood Sweethearts

  • “Erica, I think you are the least occupied here instead. As long as you are here, I will never be the person with the lowest attendance rate,” Josephine pointed out while shaking her head.
  • I was dumbfounded and could not respond.
  • As I feigned an angry expression, Josephine laughed it off. She continued, “That day, my ex-husband called me out to serve and spent a lot of money in the private room. The commission I've earned from being on duty that day is enough to allow me to rest for these few days.”.
  • Nodding understandingly, I questioned, “Since you don't like this, why didn't you go with him?”
  • “How many times must I repeat myself? Do you have too much earwax in your ears that you can't hear what've I've been saying? My mouth is about to go numb from repeating it time and time again. Ah, let's not talk about someone so unpleasant,” Josephine complained and waved her hand impatiently in my face.
  • To dispel the awkward situation, I let out a small chuckle before I changed the topic. “I went to the restaurant that serves Jetroinian cuisine earlier. It's a pity that you didn't go there because it was so good! They are the most authentic Jetroinian dishes I've ever tasted.” I shamelessly advertised for the Jetroinian restaurant.
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