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Chapter 11 Do Not Worry About The Money

  • My fever was mostly gone by the time I woke up the next morning. Mr. Adler had left very early, which was understandable considering how busy a man like him must be.
  • Colter drove me to a high-end mall, but everything there was so expensive that I couldn't bring myself to buy anything.
  • After spending the entire afternoon shopping, I bought some daily necessities and picked out two simple-looking dresses. Colter noticed the stuff I was carrying and reminded me, “You don't have to worry about spending Mr. Adler's money, Ms. Whitlock.”
  • “Is he that rich? What does he do for a living?” I figured I would use this opportunity to find out more about his background so I wouldn't anger him by accident.
  • Colter had no issues with such topics and seemed to have worked with Mr. Adler for a very long time, judging by the amount of respect in his tone of voice when he spoke. “Mr. Adler is the heir to Boyard Corporation, so you really don't have to worry about the money. In fact, he might even be unhappy if he finds out that you're being so frugal.”
  • Wow... I didn't expect someone this young to be so successful in life... No wonder he didn't even bat an eye when he heard about Tiger... People like us are merely lesser beings to rich people of his status! I bet Colter finds my behavior hilarious...
  • Even so, I didn't dare spend too much of his money as he was only taking me in temporarily, and I would have to repay the favor eventually. Hence, it was in my best interest to owe him as little as possible.
  • Colter left right after sending me home. Contrary to the portrayal of rich people in television, Colter and the part-time housekeepers who would come and clean the place, there was no one else in the house. Mr. Adler's life sure looks quiet and lonely... He doesn't seem to have a lot of friends either...
  • Despite living under the same roof with Mr. Adler, I rarely saw him around as he was always busy with work and spent most of his time outside.
  • Colter left me with a spare key and a credit card so I could go shopping whenever I got too bored at home, but I limited my activities to the neighborhood area for fear of bumping into Tiger in the city.
  • Given the unearthly hours I had to work during my time in Phoenix, such a relaxed lifestyle felt like a luxury to me. Therefore, I couldn't help but wonder how much I would miss such luxury in the future.
  • I went to bed very early that night, but the uncomfortable feeling of being watched woke me up in the middle of the night.
  • Upon opening my eyes, I saw Mr. Adler drinking wine all by himself on that couch again. He probably didn't expect me to wake up as he wasn't able to hide the loneliness in his eyes in time.
  • “Oh, you're awake,” he said indifferently when he saw me looking in his direction.
  • “Mr. Adler? What are you doing here?” I glanced at my watch on the nightstand and saw that it was three in the morning. Did he just come back from work?
  • He narrowed his eyes and said with a mischievous smirk, “Why can't I be here? Everything in this house belongs to me, including you.”
  • That shut me up instantly. He's right, everything in this house does belong to him...
  • “Come, drink with me.” He then poured some wine into another glass and set it down on the table.
  • Despite me having a burning hatred for alcohol, I could sense that he was in a bad mood at the time. As such, I threw on a coat and joined him for a drink at the table.
  • After taking a sip, I sat there and waited silently for him to say something.
  • Mr. Adler is asking me to join him for a drink because he's feeling down, so there must be something that he wants to get off his chest...
  • “Would you like to go back to work?” he asked all of a sudden.