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Chapter 109 Birthday Party On Saturday

  • Augustus nodded. It took me by surprise as I had never seen him acting so politely before.
  • Our dinner turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable, probably because I was so excited at the thought of traveling too. At that point, I only thought of how angelic Augustus looked.
  • We chatted non-stop the entire time, and there was no particular instance where we fell into an awkward silence. Since Augustus had traveled to various places and I was interested in learning more about the world beyond our small city, we had lots to converse on. As I pestered him to tell me more about his overseas experiences, time flew by quickly.
  • After I finished my last piece of sushi, I patted my tummy and grinned at him. “Today's meal was satisfying.”
  • Augustus had to return to work while I had to return to MIX too. Therefore, we did not continue to stay at the Jetroinian restaurant but decided to leave instead.
  • I had just stepped out of the private room when I saw a fairy-like woman standing at the front desk. From her back figure, she looked tall and slender, and in her white dress, she looked like a sweet innocent lady.
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