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Chapter 108 A Leisure Trip

  • On my way back to the break room, I encountered Josephine. I proceeded to ask her out for a meal at the Jetroinian restaurant they had mentioned.
  • When Josephine heard me, she raised her hands and said, “Why don't you get someone else to join you? The dishes you have mentioned aren't my thing because I can't take raw food.”
  • I thought of persuading her for one last time before giving up. Hence, I asserted, “Those aren't the only available dishes there!”
  • Josephine insisted, “I think I'll pass because I can't really get used to being in the store because of the gamey taste. I'll bring you out for some other delicacies with me in the near future.”
  • Judging by her determined look, I knew she wouldn't give in to my request no matter what. Heaving a long sigh of despair, I saw a pumped-up Augustus behind me when I turned around.
  • “Since you're up for a meal, why don't you get me to tag along with you?”
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