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Chapter 107 A Bunch Of Hypocrites

  • I was afraid to look at him in the eyes and continued behaving as if I was the one at fault. In the end, I repeated myself, “I have never mentioned anything like that, Mr. Adler.”
  • Jackson pulled me away from Augustus and yelled, “Erica, what the heck is wrong with you? Is it necessary for you to grovel yourself at his mercy? Are you sure you're happy staying next to him?” I was utterly baffled by Jackson's wrath that came out of nowhere. At that point in time, I was unsure if I should be grateful he was such a righteous man or if I should consider myself unlucky because of the things that would be awaiting me because of him.
  • “Erica, have you made up your mind yet? Are you going to leave with him or me? I won't try anything silly to change your mind.” Augustus broke the silence and directed a rhetorical question at me. He seemed to be confident I would choose him over Jackson.
  • Augustus had made himself clear he wanted me to make up my mind and live with my decision. As a man of his word, I was certain I wouldn't get to return to him should I leave with Jackson.
  • When Jackson heard Augustus' promise, his eyes gleamed. He looked at me with a bright grin, indicating he was glad I could finally leave the man he deemed vicious. Jackson wasn't conscious I had been staying by Augustus' side out of my own will.
  • On the other hand, the confident Augustus he took a peek at his watch and announced with a smile, “Why don't you make up your mind already? It's about time to go home because it's getting late.”
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