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Chapter 106 Are You Sure

  • He grasped my wrist and dragged me into an isolated corner.
  • Is this another drunkard that has been drinking excessively? I don't think the customers here will do anything of that sort since they're from the upper echelon! My pupil constricted in fear because I was completely rendered incapable of movement at the isolated corner. I couldn't see his face because there wasn't any source of illumination available.
  • He stopped me from yelling for help when I opened my mouth. Instead, he asked, “Is the man next to him the owner of your current accommodation?”
  • As soon as I heard the man's hoarse voice, I knew the man in front of me was Jackson who had been turned down by me over and over again.
  • The last thing I had in mind was running into Jackson in the bar that was built in the middle of nowhere.
  • He moved his hand away from me and asked in a petulant tone, “Erica, can you tell me the reason you're wasting your life?”
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